IT and Automation Engineers Unit

IT and Automation Engineers Unit operating in PKiMSA Carboautomatyka is a team of top class specialists with necessary permissions and great experience gained implementing various industrial investments.

We offer commissioning of automation and IT systems according to customer requirements, modernization of existing systems and service.

The scope of activity of the IT unit includes:
  • SCADA visualisation systems

    Solaris, Asix, Wonderware InTouch, iFix, Indusoft, LabVIEW, Cimplicity, Vijeo Citect

  • PLC drivers programming

    GE, Siemens, Backhoff, Schneider, Unitronix, Allen Bradley, SAIA

  • HMI panels programming

    Astraada, Siemens, Asem, Magelis

  • Industrial Robots Programming

  • BMS

    Building Management Systems

  • Deployment and configuration

    servers, routers, switches, industrial networks

  • Web sites and Mobile applications development

  • Original projects

    according to customer requirements

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The production information center that enables the analysis of all logged data, which gives the understanding and management of interdependent processes as a system, which contributes to better efficiency and effectiveness in achieving assumed goals.

The possibility of group work at various organizational levels of the plant
Centralized database
A consistent interface for data exchange enabling the attachment of any subsystem complying with the "Solaris" standard


Creation of energy mixes gives wide possibilities of utilization and management of fine coal or coal products with worse energy parameters in such a way that they allow creating the final product with parameters tailored to the needs of the recipient.

High accuracy and repeatability of creating mixtures according to given parameters
The contribution of human work is limited to the supervision of the technological process
Easier control of raw materials flow and making corrections thanks to the wide range of possibilities of analyzing data collected during the creation of mixtures


Fast, trouble-free and accurate loading onto railway wagons is often a key element of production. The emphasis on loading accuracy is in opposition to the requirement of quick order processing. The automatic railway wagons loading system Solaris Venus managed to reconcile these two contradictions.

High loading efficiency while meeting the requirements of commercial grade 1.
The system can be connected to existing expedition department software
Easier material flow control thanks to the extensive possibility of creating lists and reports.


The software enables adaptation to the growing requirements related to the implementation of fast-moving market of coal shipment by road and has set the directions of necessary operations to be taken ny mines, both in organizational and technical terms, allowing to increase the efficiency of loading points and to increase the level of security and supervision over the entire groupage sales process.

The possibility of creating a multi-weight loading system
Association of many types of information with the handling of a particular load (e.g. photos, weight indications)
Easier material flow control thanks to the extensive possibilities of creating report sets


Provides ongoing control of the quantity, quality and storage of coal, which gives wide opportunities to use it as one of the components of the final product.

Spatial planning of heaps
Control of the current spatial state of heaps
Checking the position of the dumping loader and its efficiency
Remote control of the dumping loader
Current balance of quality and quantity


The superior control and visualization system that allows ongoing observation and the possibility of interference in the production process from the level of the plant movement dispatcher.

In addition, the above information is organized in a way that allows to analyze, determine the relationship between the individual parameters describing the technological process and their correlation.

Multi-stand work
Quick detection of reasons of a stop by registration of alarm states
Quick and easy altering the technological process of transport and production.


The visualization of the coal enrichment process ensures control, immediate diagnosis of emergency conditions and quick removal of the causes of failure. All data on the course of the enrichment process is recorded in the database, what makes it a good material for analyzing the process.

Quick response of the system to changes in density or level of liquids in working tanks.
Accurate stabilization of density and liquid level in working tanks.
The possibility of making quick changes in the regulation settings by operators of the technological process